Red Bull

Red Bull is a private company based in Salzburg, Austria, primarily known for its energy drinks and ownership of sports teams. The company's namesake energy drink started out as a product called Krating Daeng (which roughly translates to “red bull”), created by Chaleo Yoovidhya in Thailand in 1976 to help transportation and construction workers stay alert on the job. In 1984, Austrian marketer Dietrich Mateschitz tried the drink, which cured his jet lag, and led him to ask and eventually receive from Yoovidhya permission to establish a separate company in Austria to sell the drink globally. The drink contains a combination of caffeine, B-group vitamins, sugars, taurine, and Alpine water. By the end of 2019, Red Bull boasted 12,736 employees in 171 countries, with 7.5 billion cans being sold worldwide. Red Bull sponsors athletes in both extreme sports such as cliff diving and aerobatic flying and conventional ones such as basketball and rugby. The company also owns a number of professional soccer, hockey, and motorsports teams.
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As of 12/16/2020
Salzburg, Austria
Dietrich Mateschitz
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