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Allbirds is a footwear retailer based in San Francisco. The company, launched in 2016, has become popular among millennials for its stylish, comfortable shoes that are sold directly to consumers. As part of its expansion, the digitally native company has opened 22 stores in major cities worldwide. Allbirds is known for its purpose-centered approach, calling for the elimination of plastics in consumer goods and criticizing other companies for not doing enough to combat climate change. The company, cofounded by a former soccer player from New Zealand and a biotech executive from San Francisco, primarily sells a wool shoe that straddles the line between dressy and athleisure, hitting the sweet spot for employees at increasingly less formal workplaces. Allbirds further burnished its sustainability credentials in 2018 by initiating a line of shoes made from eucalyptus, which are more suited to warmer climates.
Courtesy of Allbirds