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    HSN Inc
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The Home Shopping Network, now HSNi, launched 37 years ago as a radio station that sold can openers on air. When Grossman took charge in 2006, it was a cable channel that seemed hardly more relevant—the poor, dowdy sister of its main competitor QVC. Grossman, a Ralph Lauren and Nike alum, who took the company public in 2008 has since given HSNi a trajectory that few thought possible in the age of Amazon and in the midst of a slow economy. The company’s stock has quadrupled in the past five years (up 12% this year) and sales are growing—largely due to smart moves she has made to lure customers to HSNi’s mobile and digital platforms. For the busy, affluent mom-on-the go, there’s a carefully curated selection of goods and the HSN Arcade (win discounts!). No longer the realm of dimming stars and D-listers, Grossman has also brought in celebs like Keith Urban and struck partnerships with buzzy companies like Disney to peddle wares. It’s little surprise that Grossman has become a hot commodity herself these days. She has been reportedly sought out for top jobs at J.C. Penney and Target this year. —E.F.