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Employees say:


“This company stands by their employees and their work. The executive team’s morals and integrity are the highest of any organization I have worked for. The benefits that are provided are some of the best in the industry, specifically the 401K match, ESOP contributions, and healthcare. I love that the company is employee-owned. We answer to ourselves and not to stockholders. We hold each other accountable for all that we do. The company is extremely accommodating to their employees as well. For example, I left the company after giving birth to our first child. After a year of being away from the company I approached my previous team and indicated that I would like to come back to work but would need to work part-time from home. Everyone was super helpful and worked out a plan that would work for all parties involved. I am now able to work from home and not have the burden of child care support and have flexible hours that work with my schedule at home.”


“I can honestly say Swinerton Builders is a unique place to work. Not only can you feel the general happiness of employees, but upper management also makes work comfortable and exciting. I’m sure it helps that we have a lot of projects ongoing and 2016 is our best year to date. The company has planned events nearly every other week, which I am not used to. Lots of company events leads to a tight-knit group of coworkers. Lunches are catered, and that is one of the ways that employees feel that our employer cares about us. We work hard and play hard, as long as you are efficient with your work, play is rewarded. I’ve never felt like hanging out at the office after ‘putting in my time’ at other companies, but here, we all hang out after work is done and fraternize. It is truly a blessing to work here.”


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Company Info

Construction & Real Estate
Year founded
HQ location
San Francico
# of work sites
Web address

Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees544
Millennials as % of total workforce38%