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Hitachi Data Systems is ruled by what it dubs the Hitachi Spirit, which is made of “wa” (harmony, trust, respect), “makoto” (fairness, honesty, integrity) and “kaitakusha-seishin” (pioneering spirit, challenges, innovation). Those are the guiding force for employees, who find HDS to offer a friendly team atmosphere where they’re empowered to do their work without being micromanaged. This includes access to flexible work arrangements and the ability to work remotely. HDS also makes an effort to ensure that employees have the training they need, including an 18-month course for junior salespeople before their given sales quotas. “It’s a very team-based environment where no one goes into the battle alone,” said one employee.”Additionally, our corporate philosophy of integrity-based business practices, as well as a pioneering spirit towards innovation, lies at the core of all employees.” Read the Great Place to Work review.

Company Info

Information Technology
HQ location
Santa Clara, California
Year founded1,989
Type of organization
Revenue (latest fiscal year)
$3.9 billion
Web address
Global employee headcount
Best Companies rank-
% of millennials in the workforce13%