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“I feel like we are doing more here than just showing up for work,” says an employee at this home builder. “We are making a difference in our community as well as each other’s lives and the lives of our customers. This is the first place I’ve worked in my career that I can honestly say I am not wondering where the next company is that my career will take me. I hope to be here until I retire from David Weekley Homes,” explains one employee.


Says another worker: “I’m truly blessed to be working with a company that cares so much about their internal customers as much as their external customers. David Weekley homes goes above the average work place. We get great benefits with great pay, but most of all we have an open communication line between team members. Wow, I can only pray this company keeps me until I retire.”


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Company Info

Construction & Real Estate
Year founded
HQ location
Houston, TX
U.S. employees1,235
Web address

Retirement Program

Retiree health insurance
Long-term care insurance
Phased retirement programs
Defined benefit pension plan
Retirement planning resources
401(k) or 403(b) plan
Company matches employee contribution
% matched100%
Up to X% of employee salary8%
Internal promotion rate-