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Employees say:

“Traction is a place where values are truly lived in the thread of its being. Many companies have values nailed on the wall, but Traction values are woven into the fabric of how work is done. For example, the company is dedicated not only to providing a space safe for diversity but also promoting and educating through the justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives that include monthly internal speaker series. Within one group in the company known as “Aloha,” the team ensured that there was space to honor the spirit of Aloha and Hawaiian culture to ward against cultural appropriation. The company is also dedicated to ensuring people have opportunities to grow and holds people to that higher vision of what they’re capable of.”

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Company Info

Information Technology
Industry vertical
IT Consulting
HQ location
# of work sites
Web address
U.S. employees163
Worldwide employees1,069
U.S. revenue$90,939,967
Total worldwide (including U.S.) revenue in the latest fiscal year$77,780,064
Date info provided (companies may opt to keep some data confidential)
May 11, 2021