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    VP, political and advocacy
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As the vice president of political and advocacy at iHeartMedia, Jalisa Washington-Price knows that information is currency, especially during a deadly pandemic. “Through the power of radio, we are able to get lifesaving information to the masses,” she says. She also uses that information to maintain relationships with high-level political candidates and super PACs, and will help manage iHeartMedia’s war room this November, which will track and broadcast information about all of the political races across its 850 live broadcast stations.

Her experience working as the deputy national political director and South Carolina state director for Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign adds to her views on politics. “Politics isn’t like most workplaces: The people I’ve worked for control the lives and livelihoods of millions,” she says. “Looking at who is given the microphone is the best way to identify the values of an organization.” Prior to working on Harris’s campaign, Washington-Price worked in the office of diversity and as the chief of staff at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and as a regional political director for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.