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    Cofounder and executive director
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    Run for Something

If you are unsatisfied with the current system, Amanda Litman wants you to change it yourself—and she’s there to help you do it. As the cofounder of Run for Something, she’s recruited more than 15,000 young people to run for office in down-ballot races across the country. Formed on the day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Run for Something aims to provide the support and tools necessary for young, progressive Americans to launch local campaigns of their own. Since its founding, the organization has endorsed nearly 1,000 candidates and has seen the successful election of 304 of these, 54% of whom are women, 47% people of color, and 18% LGBTQ.

Before founding Run for Something, Litman worked as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 email director—the other emails, she notes—and raised $330 million for the candidate.