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Industry: Retail

Since shipping their first soon-to-be-iconic minimalist suitcase in early 2016, Away’s Jen Rubio and Steph Korey have sold more than a million bags; they posted $150 million in sales in 2018 and expect to double that this year. By selling direct to consumers, the company’s products cost less than half of those from competitors like Tumi; by wallpapering social media with influencers toting the sleek suitcases, Away has locked down its spot as visual shorthand for the smart modern traveler. (Take note of your sponsored posts on Instagram; even ads for Clear airport security clearance show a young woman rushing through an airport with an Away carry-on.) Away’s latest funding round raised $100 million, and its resulting valuation vaulted to $1.4 billion, landing the company unicorn status and setting up its continued expansion. Rubio and Korey have opened six stores in the U.S. and one in London so far; they plan to open 50 more over the next three years and continue to add to their product line with apparel, lifestyle, and wellness accessories.

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