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Holmes, whom we put on our cover in June, dropped out of Stanford when she was 19 to found Theranos, a revolutionary blood analytics company. Ten years later, her private, Palo Alto-based company employs more than 500 and is valued by investors at about $9 billion. (She retains more than half the stock, so you can do the math.) Theranos performs blood tests for a fraction of the price charged by competitors and without the use of a syringe. Using a painless, patented method of pricking a finger instead, it can perform as many as 70 tests at a time from just a few drops of blood—about 100th to 1000th the amount drawn by venipuncture. Wowed by the potential commercial, military, and humanitarian applications, Theranos board members include three former cabinet secretaries (George Shultz, Bill Perry, and Henry Kissinger), two former Senators, a retired CentCom commander, a retired Navy admiral, and a former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.