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How are you getting by in this economy? Fortune wants to know for a new series

July 2, 2022, 11:45 AM UTC
Woman using stock trading app on mobile phone at home
Oscar Wong

Today’s economy is a weird one.

In this economy, U.S. workers need to tailor their résumés to appeal to robots, and learn how to tell their DAOs from their NFTs.

In this economy, paying off student loans and saving for a home can seem out of reach for many, while others make a game out of hacking credit card points to earn free luxury vacations.

In this economy, many workers are lucky to be offered a 401(k) in lieu of a pension while others scrimp and save enough to retire at 40.

In this economy, individuals have to be more creative than ever to keep up.

Fortune‘s new series, In This Economy?, explores how people are getting ahead today, from buying a home to joining the Great Resignation to cashing out crypto. We want to hear from readers about how they are maneuvering their finances, careers, and lifestyles in 2022, including:

  • Paying off student loans
  • Saving for the future
  • Investing in real estate
  • Launching a business
  • Planning a wedding
  • Switching careers
  • Using crypto
  • Hacking credit card points
  • Using new platforms for income
  • Just getting by…
  • … or living out their wildest dreams

If you’re interested in being featured, please fill out this application, or email reporter Alicia Adamczyk.

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