The metaverse gets its first personal injury lawyer

December 13, 2021, 6:16 PM UTC

Already filled with corporations and pop culture touchstones, the metaverse is getting its own personal injury law firm.

It was inevitable, we suppose.

New Jersey-based personal injury practice Grungo Colarulo has opened what it claims is the first personal injury law office in the metaverse.

“Many lawyers and law firms may be tempted to label it a gimmick and pay little attention to it,” said founding partner Richard Grungo, Jr. in a statement. “But those same lawyers and law firms likely looked at social media the same way in the late 2000s before it revolutionized the way clients interact with lawyers and law firms. We believe the metaverse has the same game-changing potential and are putting our virtual flag in the ground today for that very reason.”

The firm says it has retained the services of Grungo’s 11-year-old daughter to build the Metaverse offer. Really.

The firm says the virtual office, located in Decentraland in Parcel -36, 150, will offer educational information about injuries and employment discrimination. Potential clients will be steered to the non-Metaverse offices.

While it claims to be the first personal injury law office in the metaverse, Grungo Colarulo is hardly the first attorney to stake a virtual claim in that virtual space. Second Life, a video game that preceded the current metaverse furor, saw at least two firms open up in 2007.

That’s not stopping the firm from touting a long list of accomplishments. It also claims to be the first catastrophic injury law firm, the first nursing home abuse and neglect law firm, the first employment discrimination law firm, the first workers’ compensation law firm, and the first sexual abuse law firm in the metaverse.

Grungo’s daughter could be up well past her bedtime working on this project.

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