Crypto-trading hamster that outperformed Warren Buffett has died

November 25, 2021, 4:27 PM UTC

Mr. Goxx, the crypto-trading hamster that at one point was outperforming Warren Buffett and Cathie Woods has died.

The hamster’s owner, a 30-something lecturer and prototyping specialist in Germany, tweeted Wednesday that Mr. Goxx had shown no signs of serious illness apart from some kidney issues in his early days. After eating normal amounts of food Sunday, he suddenly refused to eat and died in his sleep on Monday.

Mr. Goxx, whose real name was Max, gained prominence in September as a social experiment demonstrating the randomness of the crypto markets. Adjoined to his regular cage, the hamster had a fully equipped office from which he ran his trading firm, Goxx Capital.

His “office” included a hamster wheel that Mr. Goxx used to select a cryptocurrency to interact with. It also included two tunnels, one for buying and one for selling the selected crypto. Thousands of people tuned in to watch the hamster buy and sell crypto on Twitch and many kept track of his performance on Twitter. At one point, he even got a shoutout from Elon Musk and was mentioned on The Daily Show.

After the announcement of his death Mr. Goxx and his owner received an outpour of support on social media. For now, his owner has not announced whether they will continue his Twitch stream.

“For us humans behind Goxx Capital, the situation is hard to grasp and questions about a possible continuance of the project are not relevant to us at the moment (for now, we will leave everything as is),” the owners said in a tweet Wednesday.

As of his last trading session on Nov. 20, Mr. Goxx was up 19.72% for the year.

“Thank you and rest in peace, Max (a.k.a Mr. Goxx),” his owners tweeted Wednesday. “You will be missed, and your memory will live forever on the blockchain.”

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