Meet the day-trading hamster that is outperforming Warren Buffett, Cathie Wood, and the S&P 500

September 27, 2021, 6:10 PM UTC

Mr. Goxx is a trader that is outperforming some of the biggest names in finance. He is also…a hamster.

The rodent’s trading streams on a Twitch channel. His nearly 20% returns since he started trading this June are currently outpacing the S&P 500, Cathie Wood, and Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, according to crypto new site Protos.

When Mr. Goxx enters the so-called Goxx Capital office (a small box adjoined to his regular cage), a Twitch stream begins. An alert then goes out on his Twitter and Reddit accounts, notifying his audience. Although he may leave immediately, or sit still, sometimes inspiration strikes.

Mr. Goxx’s office is outfitted with a wheel and two tunnels that enable his trading. The wheel, aptly named the wheel of intention, rotates through a set of about 30 cryptocurrencies, one of which gets “selected” after he hops off.

When Mr. Goxx gets off the wheel, he can go through either of the two tunnels in his office. One is labeled “buy” and the other, “sell.” Depending on whichever tunnel he traverses, a buy or sell order automatically takes place on an online crypto exchange using real money.

A box in the upper right corner of the Twitch stream keeps track of Mr. Goxx’s recent trades. A box at the bottom shows his account value and his returns.

Despite Mr. Goxx’s recent stellar performance, his owner, a 30-something lecturer and prototyping specialist in Germany, told the BBC that the project started as a hobby during the pandemic. The owner, who wanted to remain anonymous, worked with his best friend since college to put together the pet rodent’s setup.

The pair emphasized to the BBC that Mr. Goxx’s streams are meant for entertainment purposes, and not as financial advice. A small box at the bottom of every stream states that, “Mr. Goxx is not a certified or licensed trader.”

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