Why you should remain bullish on Big Tech

September 13, 2021, 9:02 PM UTC

No polling data this week in Fortune Analytics. Instead, we’re using patent data as a proxy for companies on a high growth trajectory. 

To help us, we reached out to Nasdaq to see their Patent Value Estimates (PVE) data. They have a proprietary algorithm that calculates the value of individual patents*. A growing patent portfolio doesn’t guarantee growth. But Nasdaq research does find it correlates with greater stock growth.

Here’s what Fortune Analytics found in the data.

The numbers to know 


$50 billion

  • … the total value of Samsung’s patent portfolio—the largest of any measured company in the world. It’s up 74% since 2015.

A few deeper takeaways

1. Big Tech is still, well, getting bigger. 

The combined patent portfolios of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google is now $67.2 billion—up from $29.9 billion in 2015.

On one hand that figure is very small compared to their market capitalizations. On the other hand, it shows they’re still focused on R&D. That sustained innovation coupled with their ability to buy up newcomers (hey, there are perks to major cash flow) makes a pretty good case for staying bullish on Big Tech. 

2. Don’t underestimate Nvidia

Back in 2016, Nvidia’s Jensen Huang co-founder was blunt about how competitive his industry is: “I always think we’re 30 days from going out of business…That’s never changed. It’s not a fear of failure. It’s really a fear of feeling complacent, and I don’t ever want that to settle in.”

And boy, is the chip maker serious about R&D: Between 2010 and 2021, Nvidia’s total patent value climbed 630%, Nasdaq calculates. 

It’s also paying off. The chipmaker is now a global leader in AI. Since Jan. 2020, its share price is up a staggering 275% as demand during the pandemic for gaming and chips soared. 

3. Samsung and Qualcomm to the moon? 

I’ll be honest, when I reached out to Nasdaq for patent data I assumed that the likes of Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft would have the largest patent portfolios. I was dead wrong.

The top 2 in Nasdaq’s database are Samsung ($50.5 billion) and Qualcomm ($37.9 billion).

What’s going on? One word: 5G. Both of these firms are early leaders in the technology that is poised to explode in the coming years. 

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Lance Lambert

*Methodology: Nasdaq’s PVE data is calculated on an indicator based Market Analogy method. Nasdaq says “it calculates the value of a patent as if it would be a traded good. The indicator based method for value determination is based on machine learning algorithms which are trained with a dataset of traded patents in the past where the paid prices are known.” 

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