Tokyo Disneyland closes down over coronavirus

February 28, 2020, 5:37 PM UTC

Coronavirus has closed its third Disney theme park.

Disneyland Japan will close Saturday and stay shut down at least through March 15. Also shutting down are Universal Studios Japan and Legoland Japan.

This is the first time in nearly nine years Disney and Oriental Land Co, which runs the Tokyo Disney property, have been forced to close. That shut down came after an earthquake and tsunami devastated the country.

China’s Shanghai Disneyland was closed on January 25 and Hong Kong Disneyland was closed on January 26. Neither has yet announced plans to reopen. While Disneyland Japan expects to be open again in two weeks, Oriental Land says it will work with government officials, which could affect that date.

While the parks are closed, the Disney hotels and monorails near the park remain open.

Japan has been a growing area of concern as the COVID-19 coronavirus spreads. Japan’s Hokkaido island declared a state of emergency Friday. That island is where the Olympic marathons are scheduled to take place this summer. Olympic organizers, meanwhile, are scaling back the torch relay due to the outbreak.

Also on Friday, United Airlines suspended some service to Tokyo and other cities in the country.

The growing threat of COVID-19 becoming a global pandemic has some onlookers concerned the 2020 Summer Games might have to be cancelled. The International Olympic Committee has downplayed those concerns, saying earlier this week that “preparations for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 continue as planned.”

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