Changes are abound. Here’s what you should know

January 16, 2020, 1:10 AM UTC

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Dear readers,

I want to share some exciting information with you. Fortune is undergoing a transformation—one that will better serve our audience and the business community at large during our 90th anniversary.

These are some big changes. Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • We’ve launched a new site, where you’ll find the best of business all in one place: strategic insights, deep-dive stories, and exclusive access to what executives are thinking. To access all of our revamped stories, register for free.
  • Later this month, we’re launching new newslettersThe Bull Sheet, a daily brief on finance news, and The Broadside, a monthly bulletin for career-oriented women. Sign up to stay up to date on their launches.
  • We’ve launched a new hub for our exclusive videos. It curates collections of executive insights—the latest and best from our interviews with business leaders, analysis series, and conference sessions.Access hundreds of hours of content.
  • Starting with the February 2020 issue, we’re substantially upgrading our print magazine. There will be more stories per issue, and the reading experience will be more premium, with gorgeous, higher quality covers and stock. To see for yourself, subscribe to the magazine.

This new model will enhance the reporting we’ve always been known for—including on the health care side.

To provide just a few examples… My colleague Erika Fry has published some truly spectacular stories on everything from a dengue vaccine debacle in the Philippines to the complications (and human damage) associated with electronic health records. We’ve been upfront about our focus on drug development, pricing, and whether or not it serves American patients well. And Brainstorm Health will always focus on the intersection of health care and technology.

We’re looking forward to a new decade and a new era. If you have any questions, as always, reach out to me.

Read on for the day’s news.

Sy Mukherjee


Takeda gets in on the CRISPR game. It's not exactly a secret that CRISPR, the gene-editing tech, is one of the hottest developments in biopharma. Yet another company is hopping on to the bandwagon—Takeda, a Japanese pharma giant, is jumping onto a $61 million round alongside OrbiMed in an effort to expand the way that CRISPR technology may work. (Endpoints News)


A new blood pressure study underscores medicine's gender problem. There's a bias issue in clinical trials across gender and race. A new study published in JAMA underscores the severity of the issue when it comes to blood pressure. In data amassed over more than 40 years, researchers found that high blood pressure may start presenting itself in women far earlier than it does in men—and that has long term consequences when it comes to cardiovascular disease. (New York Times)


What's Behind the Great Big Billionaire Backlash? by Geoff Colvin

Warren: I'll Use the Force of the Government to Make Tech Work for People With Disabilitiesby Elizabeth Warren

Apple Buys an AI Startup, But Not Necessarily for a Smarter Siriby Don Reisinger

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