Google Announces Nest Wifi Mesh Router and Nest Mini Smart Speaker

October 15, 2019, 3:47 PM UTC

Google announced two new hardware additions to its resurgent Nest brand on Tuesday. Nest Wifi and Nest Mini aim to make homes even more inter-connected with Google’s patchwork of smart devices and services.

The Nest Wifi, which consumers can pre-order today and start shipping on Nov. 4, is a wireless internet system that consists of two devices that act like Amazon’s Eero or the former Google Wifi product (which Next Wifi replaces). Consisting of a mesh internet router that plugs into your internet service provider’s modem and a series of other “points,” or beacons, Nest Wifi blankets spaces with wifi and claims to enable 25% better internet coverage in approximately 80% of U.S. homes.

Nest Wifi’s points also feature Google Assistant and operate as smart speakers, so they play music and perform other functions. Nest Wifi comes in multiple colors, are priced starting at $269 for the router and one point, and can be preordered now.

Meanwhile, Google has also rebranded its Google Home Mini speaker as the Nest Mini, which releases on Oct. 23, and will arrive in a new color, Skye. With fabric made with from 100% recycled plastic bottles, the $49 smart speaker boasts improved sound over its predecessor. A third mic for callers to hear better in noisy environments will be a welcome addition for people looking to use its new home intercom and voice calling functionality.

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