Failure Is Built Into Pharma. But It’s Complicated: Brainstorm Health

August 2, 2019, 10:10 PM UTC

Hello and happy Friday, readers!

As promised, we have a special guest post up today on – from IDEA Pharma CEO Mike Rea and co-author Eneida Pollozi.

This fascinating piece tackles some of the most pressing issues in drug industry and, specifically, in an area that’s dogged some pharma companies for a while now: Namely, failure.

As Mike and company write, failure is inextricably linked to the drug development enterprise. Risk-taking is the name of the game and, sometimes, you just get unlucky.

The thing is… It’s way more complicated than that. For instance, “When so many studies ‘fail’ for their ability to recruit patients, we of course might wonder why. The reasons are legion, from over-promising by hard-tendering contract research organizations (the third-party firms hired to do the major leg work for many pharma companies), to lack of a true unmet medical need, to difficulty getting patients to trial sites, or possibly a study that would put a control group at a disadvantage.”

Our expert guest authors go on to note that companies can have wildly differing incentives that determine whether or not they choose to ditch an experimental drug. And those incentives may not necessarily be aligned with whether or not a treatment ultimately works out for patients.

I highly encourage all of you to read these important insights. Here’s a link to the full piece.

Read on for the day’s news, and have a wonderful weekend.

Sy Mukherjee, @the_sy_guy,


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