Stacey Abrams Could Be Joe Biden’s 2020 Running Mate

March 21, 2019, 8:15 PM UTC

Top advisers for former Vice President Joe Biden are reportedly discussing whether choosing Stacey Abrams as a running mate could boost his chance of success in the 2020 presidential election, although it is unclear what Biden or Abrams personally think of the matter.

Axios reported Thursday that Biden’s advisers think Abrams could show voters that he “isn’t just another old white guy.” As a 45-year-old African American woman with a strong focus on social justice, Abrams could attract the younger, more progressive voters who may be hesitant to give their vote to a 76-year-old white man.

In a later statement to Axios, a spokesperson for Abrams said “all options” are on the table “for 2020 and beyond.” Abrams has met with over half a dozen presidential contenders, said the spokesperson, to discuss “their commitment to voting rights and to investing in Georgia.”

Biden, a longtime politician with over 30 years in the Senate, has yet to formally announce his bid for the presidency but has hinted at running several times.

Abrams—a lawyer and former minority leader of the Georgia House of Representatives—became recognized nationally during her 2018 run for Georgia governor. While she lost the election, she said she would not concede, citing systematic voter suppression led by her opponent.

Abrams went on to give the Democratic rebuttal to President Donald Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address, offering strong criticisms of Trump’s policies while championing unity through family anecdotes and advocating for the end of voter disenfranchisement.

While all options may be on the table, Abrams’ name is sure to be on another ballot someday. At Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Next Gen summit last December, she told a cheering crowd “Yes, I will run again.”