The Latest Nintendo Switch Bundle Includes a $35 Gift Card to Entice Gamers

February 15, 2019, 2:37 PM UTC

Nintendo is hoping to entice gamers to its console with a new bundle offer.

The Japanese game company has released a new Nintendo Switch bundle that features a $35 eShop credit that can be used to purchase a game or other digital content on the console. The bundle also includes left and right Joy-Con controllers to play games on your own or with friends, as well as an HDMI cable, AC adapter for power, and straps you can put around your wrist to tether the controller to you. Nintendo’s retail partners, including Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy, are selling the bundle for $300.

Bundles are often used in the gaming industry to entice shoppers to new hardware. While early adopters usually buy standalone consoles when they launch, as time goes on, sales start to trail off. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony all sell bundles to boost their sales and offer a bit more value for the price. In most cases, those bundles include free video games. Every now and then, however, companies opt to bundle their consoles with accessories.

Nintendo’s bundle comes amid rumors that the company is planning a new version of its Switch console for later this year. Those rumors, which haven’t been confirmed by the game company, say Nintendo will offer a smaller and more mobile-friendly Switch sometime this fall. The device could also ship with a lower price tag than the current $300 Nintendo Switch.