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How Orrick Helps Everyone Just Chill Out

Anxiety may be a fact of life for most lawyers, but law firm Orrick (No. 15) is trying to help employees relax. Its NYC office features three meditation rooms, where weekly sessions are live-streamed across the U.S. In 2018, one-fifth of the firm participated in a new series of mindfulness workshops; the one on “Worry” attracted a standing-room-only crowd.

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The weekly 15-minute meditation sessions, in particular, have struck a chord with everyone from chairman and CEO Mitch Zuklie on down. “There’s something about gathering once a week in the meditation workshops that connects us as humans, regardless of our role at the firm or what we have going on that particular day,” says Zuklie. “Clearing my mind has given me new perspective on facts I’m digesting for trial,” says one employee. “I have noticed a significant shift in my stress level and my productivity.”

Chief talent officer Siobhan Handley says she’s gotten feedback from associates that it’s “the single most useful piece of training they’ve gotten.” Not bad for .25 billable hours!

This article originally appeared in the March 2019 issue of Fortune.