Brexit Could Cause Price Hikes on German Candy

January 31, 2019, 2:10 PM UTC

Brexit could cause all kinds of disruption in Europe. But now, there’s evidence it might even affect candy.

German candy makers have signaled concern that they won’t know how to export candy to the U.K. after Brexit day on March 29, according to a new Associated Press report. The country’s Association of the German Confectionery Industry told reporters on Thursday that its member companies “don’t even know which customs form to fill out and which customs class” they’ll fall in.

Those troubles, combined with new hurdles at customs the candy will need to overcome, could ultimately cause a delay in German candy arrival in the U.K. It could also send prices soaring.

Brexit has a slew of implications both in the U.K. and across Europe. The European Union allows for free and simplified trade between the member countries. But now that the U.K. appears ready to leave the European Union in March, it can no longer take advantage of that. The move will create new policies and regulations for both the U.K. and European countries to follow to both import and export products across the continent.

It’s unclear from the report just how much Brexit would affect German candy and its prices. In an interview with the AP, Sandra Sullivan, director of the British Food and Drink Association said that both sides—those in the U.K. and German candy makers—still need “clarity on the Brexit deal” and how it will impact them.