Digital License Plates Are Now Allowed in Michigan

January 18, 2019, 9:01 PM UTC

Michigan has joined a short list of states in approving digital license plates, a high-tech alternative to traditional car license plates.

The state’s legislature passed a law Thursday allowing the plates, which are digital screens mounted onto a frame that in many ways resemble their metal counterparts. The new plates are equipped with wireless communications systems and computer chips that make it easier to update them with new registration tags.

Authorities can also remotely post warnings on the plates showing Amber alerts when children are kidnapped or if the car is stolen.

Michigan is the third state to approve digital plates. Last year, California drivers were able to start using digital plates on while Arizona has approved their use but is still working out the details before motorists can use them on their cars.

The plates are exclusively made by a company called Reviver Auto, and cost $499 for a basic version. A premium version with a GPS navigation add-on that allows for geo-fencing runs $799. For instance, a manager may get an alert if a worker drives a company vehicle outside the usual service area.

Both versions of the plate require a $7 monthly subscription fee.

Michigan drivers will likely have to wait to get digital plate. Currently, Reviver Auto has only California plates available for preorder on its website, with a shipping date of spring 2019. The plates are also reportedly available through some dealers and auto pro shops.