Amazon Increases TV Ads During the Holiday Season

December 2, 2018, 7:49 PM UTC

Amazon’s 2018 holiday commercial “Can You Feel It” depicts singing brown boxes and Alexa turning on a homeowner’s Christmas lights.

If you’ve seen the commercial and others, it’s probably because the company increased its spending last month by 290%, according to by ad measurement firm Kantar Media, which was previously reported on by NBC News.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday led the company to spend an estimated $35 million on ads from Oct. 29 to Nov. 26, placing it as the fourth-biggest retail spender on TV, behind Walmart, Target, and Kay Jewelers.

Walmart and many other retailers seemed to fall back on their ad spending. Kantar believes this was due to political advertising during midterm elections.

Amazon may have upped the ante due to Walmart and Target’s most recent dominance over online sales. Both giants offered free shipping offers for their products during the holiday shopping season.

Kantar also reported that social media, specifically Facebook ads, saw a jump in spending—the top 10 retailers spent a total of $44 million on Facebook ads.