Trump May Start Imposing Tariffs on Imported Cars as Soon as Next Week

November 27, 2018, 7:26 PM UTC

A German magazine suggested Tuesday that the United States could potentially start imposing tariffs on imported cars as early as next week.

The magazine, Wirtschaftswoche, cited “EU sources” in the story and claimed that a U.S. Department of Commerce investigation report was on Trump’s desk. According to the German magazine’s sources, the report on Trump’s desk suggests a 25% customs duty on all imported cars with the exception of those coming from Canada or Mexico. The magazine claims that Trump is expected to make a decision on tariffs as early as next week, Reuters reports.

The Trump Administration has repeatedly said it will not move forward with trade tariffs on the EU or Japan as long as it continues to made progress in trade talks, imposing tariffs now would directly contradict those previous statements.

Cars aren’t the only potential tariffs making headlines this week. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal Monday Trump suggested that he might start levying tariffs of 10% on iPhones and laptops made by Apple and imported into the United States from China. He also suggested that he would increase the current tariffs on Chinese goods from 10% to 25% and add additional goods to the list of items subject to tariffs when entering the United States.