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Trump Properties Netted $3.2 Million in Revenue During Midterm Elections

If you want to talk to a Republican, look no further than Trump properties.

During the midterm election cycle starting in 2017, Republican campaigns and political action committees (PACs) spent $3.2 million at Trump-owned and branded properties across the U.S., according to a CNN analysis of Federal Election Commission filings. The Republican National Committee was the biggest Trump patron in the study, spending $1.2 million at Trump’s facilities since 2017, according to the report. Donald Trump’s reelection campaign spent more than $950,000 at the President’s properties since last year.

Political organizations and campaigns are required by federal law to share their spending with the FEC. The data CNN obtained is publicly available and verifiable, and it suggests that politically active Republicans across the country readily choose Trump properties when they hold meetings, need a place to stay for the night, or are seeking out catering services.

In response, the Republican National Committee told CNN that its donors chose Trump properties because they simply like them. The organization also said that the Trump’s properties offer better prices and security than other options.

According to CNN’s data, the top destination among Trump visitors in its study was Trump Hotel in Washington. It was followed by Trump Tower in New York and Trump National Doral in Florida.

The Republican National Committee did not immediately respond to a Fortune request for comment.