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Stuck in a Long Line While Waiting to Vote in the Midterms? Here’s How to Get a Free Pizza

Look, we get it. Voting is your civic duty, but waiting for an hour or more is not a lot of fun. And the lines for the 2018 midterm elections are even longer than normal. That can ruin your lunch hour.

A nonprofit—and we’re going to go ahead and declare it the best one ever—is making things a bit less frustrating, though, delivering free pizzas to people who are stuck in line waiting to vote.

It’s called Pizza to the Polls. And as of 11 a.m. ET, the group has sent out more than 1,500 pizzas to 112 polling places in 19 states. That’s likely to increase sharply throughout the day (as long as it has the budget).

“Waiting in line sucks. Waiting in line with pizza sucks a little less,” reads the group’s website.

Hungry and it doesn’t look like you’ll be pulling the lever soon? Just send a tweet to @PizzaToThePolls and you just might get a ‘za to make the wait to exercise your Constitutional right a bit more pleasant. (The service uses Slice to find nearby places that deliver.)

Yes, we know. It sounds like a goof, a joke, some Internet denizen’s snarky riff on how frustrating it is to vote today. But it’s actually a real 501(c) (4) nonprofit service.

So far this year, the service has raised more than $68,000. And life to date, it has raised more than $120,000. (Benefactors can donate money on the group’s Website.)

Pizza to the Polls was launched the weekend before the 2016 election. By Election Day, the founders had raised $10,000 and say money was coming in faster than orders, “By the time the dust had settled and the ballots were cast, we had raised $43,307 from 1,728 donors, and over 25,000 slices of pizza were consumed,” the site says.

Democrat. Republican. Independent. Your political affiliation doesn’t matter. Our nation might be more divided than ever, but if there’s one thing we can all still agree on, it’s the splendor of free pizza.