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Fox Nation, the Fox News Streaming Service For ‘Superfans,’ Will Premiere in November

Fox Nation, a new standalone streaming subscription service from Fox News, is set to premiere on Nov. 27 at the price of $5.99 a month or $64.99 per year. It “is going to change everything,” commentator Tomi Lahren says in a promo video. “This is our time and this is going to be our place.”

First announced in February, Fox Nation won’t rebroadcast on-air content but rather offer original programming and favorite personalities, such as Lahren, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson. With the tagline “Opinion Done Right,” the service will include a history series, What Made America Great; Borked, about the Supreme Court battle over Robert Bork in 1987; and The First Family, featuring Eric Trump behind the scenes.

Fox Nation is offering early subscribers to various “Founders Program packages” in a pre-sale starting Sunday. Four tiers of membership range from $60 for a one-year subscription and a “Fox Nation founder challenge coin” to a $1,200 three-year subscription that includes a “Fox Nation founder tactical watch” and a gift box of more Fox News swag, including the coin, hat, glasses and a medal.

About 5 million viewers signed up last year for HBO and Cinemax digital subscriptions, the New York Times reported in February, and CBS had 5 million subscriptions to its CBS and Showtime streaming services. ESPN+, launched in April, already in September hit 1 million members each paying about $5 per month.

Fox Nation may prove more consequential to the country’s political life than the average streaming service, the New York Times predicted. But the average Fox News viewer is 65 years old, according to Nielsen, which perhaps makes the online subscription model more of an uphill climb than it was for ESPN.