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See How Newspaper Front Pages Covered the Emotional Kavanaugh-Ford Hearings

Yesterday’s emotional Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, during which professor Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh answered questions from lawmakers for hours, has made waves around the world. Here’s how newspapers are reporting on the hearing.

The New York Times goes the “she said/he said” route:

The Washington Post tops the front page with similar quotes:

The Wall Street Journal plays up the raw emotion:

London’s Financial Times was one of the few U.K. newspapers to feature the hearing on its front page:

The Guardian opts to focus on Blasey Ford:

“Crafting a circus and a sham,” says Toronto’s National Post:

The Minneapolis Star Tribune dedicates the entire front page to the hearing:

The Charlotte, N.C., Observer highlights quotes from the emotional hearing:

In the tabloids, the New York Daily News selected an especially unflattering photo of Blasey Ford:

And U.K.’s Metro calls the hearing a “supreme ordeal”: