Fox News Fires Contributor Kevin Jackson After Offensive Tweets About Christine Blasey Ford

September 28, 2018, 1:18 PM UTC

Former Fox News contributor Kevin Jackson is not taking his termination from the network lying down.

Fox News severed its relationship with Jackson Thursday after the conservative political commentator posted a series of tweets aimed at the accusers of Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The network described those Tweets as “reprehensible.”

Friday morning, though, Jackson remained defiant and stood by his comments.

In a series of Tweets, some of which have now been deleted, Jackson, who is also the author of the best-selling book Race Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism, addressed Dr. Christine Blasey Ford during her Senate testimony saying “Dang girl, stop opening your legs and OPEN A BOOK!” Earlier, he had written, “TO HELL with the notion that women must be believed no matter what. Lying skanks is what these 3 women are, and we ALL know more.”

The comments brought about quick actions from Fox News.

“Kevin Jackson has been terminated as a contributor,” the network said in a statement. “His comments on today’s hearings were reprehensible and do not reflect the values of Fox News.”

Jackson, who was active again Friday morning on Twitter (TWTR), said he did not have any animosity toward Fox (FOX) for their decision, but called it “their loss.”

“Just so we are clear #Leftists, I stand on my principles even if it costs me a gig,” he wrote. “You remain lying scum, willing to CRUSH good people for your devilish ideology.”