Tesla Embraces Direct-to-Door Deliveries and Volunteer Help to Escape ‘Delivery Logistics Hell’

September 24, 2018, 10:28 AM UTC

Tesla’s big problem recently shifted from being one of production to one of delivery, CEO Elon Musk said a week ago in a complaint about the “delivery logistics hell” that stems from increasing production. And with mere days left in which to get as many cars as possible into customers’ hands before the end of the quarter, Tesla is taking a new tack.

As reported by Elektrek, Tesla’s delivery centers are overcrowded at the moment, so the company is offering home deliveries to some customers—a service it calls Tesla Direct.

“This is an exciting opportunity to get your hands on your car sooner and without having to go pick it up. A Tesla Customer Experience Professional will drive your car to your home or office,” Los Angeles metro area delivery manager Jeremy Pomp emailed customers.

Tesla (TSLA) has experimented with delivering cars directly from the factory to customers before—Musk himself made a delivery—but that was apparently limited to customers who were close to its Fremont factory. Now, it seems to be widening that radius.

The deliveries take place using an enclosed trailer, which means Tesla does not need to wrap the car in plastic.

In order to extricate the company from its “delivery logistics hell,” volunteers have also been showing up at delivery centers to help new Tesla buyers get to grips with the functionality of the vehicles.