Gmail’s Smart Replies Are Going to Become Optional on Desktop

September 20, 2018, 5:59 PM UTC

Earlier this year, Gmail rolled out Smart Replies in Gmail, which analyze the content of an email and offer a few canned responses that you can click on to respond quickly to the sender. Things like “Sure, sounds great!” or “I’m not interested” pop up at the end of the note and offer a few seconds of saved time to those of us who are trying to plow through emails. Now, the company plans to make the feature optional.

While the feature can be a time-saver, the service has also been criticized for times when those canned responses aren’t appropriate, sometimes missing the tone of the email or the context of what’s being asked.

Google has already made the feature optional in its app, but will be rolling the option out to desktop users soon, The Wall Street Journal reports.

By making the feature optional, users who don’t enjoy the canned responses can ditch them, while those who still find them helpful can keep on using them.