President Trump’s Disapproval Rating Has Hit an All-Time High

August 31, 2018, 1:50 PM UTC

President Trump’s disapproval rating has hit an all-time high.

According to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll released Friday, 60% of those surveyed disapprove of Trump’s performance in office—the highest of his presidency. Just 36% approve, which is on par with his all-time low.

The last ABC News/Washington Post poll, conducted in April, put his approval rating at 40% and disapproval rating at 56%. ABC reports that Trump’s average approval rating is the lowest of any president since the 1940s.

The poor showing in this most recent poll, however, may not come as a total surprise. It was conducted Aug. 26 to 29—just a week after Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was convicted of tax fraud and former lawyer Michael Cohen admitted that he violated campaign finance laws at Trump’s behest.

Meanwhile, the poll also found that nearly half of Americans, 49%, support Congress initiating impeachment proceedings. 46% are opposed. That number climbs further when looking only at women; 57% of women are in favor of impeachment proceedings beginning against Trump.

Support for Mueller’s investigation is also high: 63% back it, with just 29% opposed. 52% support it strongly, a significant proportion showing strong sentiment. Support is highest amongst Democrats at 85%, but 67% of independents and 32% of Republicans are in favor of the investigation. Approximately 53% think Trump has sought to interfere in Mueller’s investigation in a way that amounts to obstruction of justice. 35% do not believe he has tried to interfere.

Despite overall unpopularity, there is one area where Trump performed relatively well: the economy. Roughly 45% of those polled approve of his handling of the economy, while 47% disapprove.