Michael Cohen Made Millions in Recent Apartment Sales, Report Says

August 31, 2018, 3:52 PM UTC

President Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen has made millions selling his ownership interests in two apartments, according to a new report.

Cohen earlier this month sold stakes in 330 East 63rd Street and 133 Avenue D, both in Manhattan, for $13 million, Bloomberg is reporting. According to the report, which cited a source who claims to have knowledge of the transactions, Cohen netted $7 million in transactions after his share of the debt was accounted for.

The funds might be coming at a critical time for Cohen. Also this month, Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance and tax violations. He’s now facing the possibility of prison time—something a CNN report said that he’s now “resigned to.”

Cohen had been a longtime attorney and alleged “fixer” for President Donald Trump. After the FBI raided him earlier this year, Trump called Cohen a “good man.” After Cohen’s guilty plea earlier this month, Trump tried to distance himself from him by saying he was only involved in minor dealings with the president.

Still, the Cohen arrests have been viewed as a potential problem for the president, given all he knows about Trump’s affairs.

According to Bloomberg, Cohen sold his interests in the apartments to his partner, Eric Nelson.