Sinemia Matches MoviePass’ $10-a-Month Plan—But Adds One Crucial Perk

August 29, 2018, 4:06 PM UTC

The competition in the movie ticket subscription business is heating up as one of MoviePass’ rivals has more or less matched its signature plan.

On Wednesday, Sinemia rolled out a new $9.99-a-month plan that allows subscribers to see three 2D films a month. The company’s previous three-movies-a-month plan was priced at $14.99, and remains an option for customers who want to access to 3D and IMAX films.

Sinemia also vows the plan, dubbed Sinemia Classic, will have no blackout dates or surge pricing. But perhaps the plan’s most compelling offering is the option to purchase advanced tickets with seat selection. MoviePass only allows same-day purchases from the physical theater.

MoviePass does have a remaining advantage for frequent moviegoers: Customers who want to surpass the three-ticket limit can buy additional tickets discounted up to $5.

Sinemia’s latest plan is yet another shot at MoviePass following the former’s rollout of a friend referral program earlier this month that gives MoviePass converts $10 in Sinemia credit.

Sinemia founder and CEO Rifat Oguz told Fortune at the time that the referral program is intended to get subscribers “to tell the Sinemia experience to other services’ customers. How they actually don’t have surge pricing and changed rules.”

“We believe our customers are the best ones to tell this story,” Oguz said. “They already came from MoviePass or other competitors.”

Sinemia, based in Los Angeles, is available at all major theater chains and select independent cinemas in the U.S., U.K., Turkey, and Australia.