3D-Printed Gun Maker to Sell Blueprints Online, Despite Lawsuits

August 28, 2018, 6:49 PM UTC

The owner of 3D-printed gun company Defense Distributed announced Tuesday he will be selling the blueprints for his 3D-printed guns, despite ongoing lawsuits fighting the distribution of these plans.

“Everyone in America who wants these files will get them. They’re allowed to name their own price at our website. Making the money isn’t important to me. I’m happy now to become the iTunes of downloadable guns, if I can’t be the Napster,” said Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson, according to Axios.

A federal judge ruled just yesterday that the gun blueprints cannot be posted online, leading Wilson to begin selling them instead of free distribution.

On Alex Jones’ controversial newscast “Info Wars,” Wilson promoted his company’s website and said the money raised through sales would support their legal efforts. Defense Distributed is likely to face repercussions for selling the 3D gun blueprints, as Attorney General Jeff Sessions said earlier this month that he would “vigorously enforce” a prohibition on untraceable, plastic guns.

Wilson said on “Info Wars” that he and his lawyers are taking this ongoing battle seriously, but the young gun rights activist only responded “LOL” to the Associated Press’s announcement of his decision to sell blueprints.

Jones and Wilson also joked about criminal use of Wilson’s guns on the newscast. Wilson said that he has not heard of a criminal using his gun plans, adding that it’s a “difficult thing” to use a 3D printer to make a gun.

Wilson also seemed to argue that his gun blueprints don’t always lead to functioning firearms: when Jones retorted that criminals are more likely to steal guns from your home, Wilson said, “Criminals are smart. They want a real gun that works.”