‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Teaser Features a New Mall in Hawkins

July 16, 2018, 4:52 PM UTC

Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things just dropped a teaser for its third season, and it looks like the fictional town of Hawkins, Ind. is getting a new shopping mall.

The clip doesn’t reveal much about the plot of the coming season. Instead, viewers get a look at a very ’80s, very retro advertisement for Hawkins’s new Starcourt shopping mall. With this mall, Hawkins, a “growing patriotic community” will take “another step into the future,” the ad reveals.

Some of the mall attractions include Hot Dog on a Stick, the Gap, Jazzercise, and Waldenbooks. The promo also nods to the time’s political climate, with a glimpse at Waldenbooks’s featured book, Tom Clancy’s 1984 novel, The Hunt for Red October.

The mall’s “state of the art foodcourt is just an escalator ride away,” and that’s where viewers see Joe Keery’s character, Steve working at Scoops Ahoy alongside Robin, a new cast member played by Maya Hawke.

Stranger Things dropped the teaser on Twitter Monday morning.

The mall is set to open next summer, which may be a hint as to when the next season will debut.