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These Fortune 500 Companies Are Loved by Both Urban and Rural America

July 11, 2018, 10:30 AM UTC

Which Fortune 500 company has a more positive impact on the US: Apple or Ford? It definitely depends on who—and where—you’re asking.

Americans in urban areas have a different view of which companies make the biggest impact on the country than residents in rural areas, according to a SurveyMonkey poll of 19,860 American adults about the top 75 Fortune 500 companies. Respondents from cities chose tech giants, like Microsoft, Alphabet (Google), and Apple most often, while the answers from rural regions were more likely to be shipping or manufacturing companies like UPS, FedEx, and Boeing.

However, despite those differences, there are similarities between the two areas too. Across the country, in both metropolitan hubs and flyover states, Amazon, FedEx, and UPS were listed in the top five companies making the most positive impact.

Republicans and Democrats also saw similar ideological divides, as well as some common ground, according to the survey results. The Republican top 10 includes nine of the rural top 10 (just substituting Caterpillar for Costco) and the Democrats’ picks include eight of the top companies making an impact according to Americans in urban areas (swapping Home Depot and Intel for Boeing and IBM).

Fortune and SurveyMonkey partnered to better understand Americans’ views of the top 75 companies in this year’s Fortune 500 list. The survey, which asked participants questions about the impact and reputation of these companies, found that while the top results differed for Americans in different socioeconomic environments, the majority of their top 10 lists were the same., Costco, FedEx, Intel, Microsoft, and UPS make the top 10 in both demographics.

There are companies that showed up on all four lists:, FedEx, UPS, Microsoft.

To learn more about SurveyMonkey’s methodology, click here.