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This Non-Alcoholic Water Tastes Like Wine

July 9, 2018, 7:50 PM UTC

An Israeli company has literally turned water into wine with a new beverage called O.Vine, a product that looks and tastes like wine—but doesn’t contain any alcohol.

Unlike non-alcoholic wine, the product, called “wine water,” is made by infusing water with grape skins and seeds that are left over after the winemaking process, reports Good Morning America. Those skins and seeds would normally go to waste once winemaking is done.

The result of the process is a liquid that tastes like wine and has wine’s natural antioxidant features without any of its alcohol. The beverage is also low in calories and has no preservatives.

The company showed the product off for the first time at the Fancy Food Show in New York last week in both carbonated and non-carbonated varieties. It hopes to bring the water to U.S. stores soon.