Reporter Tweets About Capital Gazette Newspaper Shooting That Leaves Several Wounded or Dead

June 28, 2018, 8:46 PM UTC

A shooter opened fire inside the office of the Annapolis, MD., newspaper the Capital Gazette on Thursday, prompting one of its reporters tweet about the incident just after it happened.

There is no word yet as to why the shooter targeted the newspaper. Multiple people are said to be wounded or dead.

The crime and courts reporter, Philip Davis, said he started tweeting about the incident just after reaching safety.

As the Annapolis story unfolded, the paper updated its own front page to cover the shooting. Reporters from other newspapers noticed.

Davis soon confirmed he was uninjured and clarified that he was not live tweeting the shooting.

The Gazette, a daily newspaper owned by The Baltimore Sun, dates back to 1727 and touts itself as one of the nation’s oldest publishers.

As a precaution, the NYPD said it was sending officers to New York City newspaper offices.