Beer Caviar is a Thing at the World Cup

June 28, 2018, 4:09 PM UTC

Sure, you’ve heard of beer and you’ve heard of caviar, but what about beer caviar? In honor of this year’s World Cup, Carlsberg has made what it claims to be the world’s first beer caviar.

“The last couple of years there has been a trend within molecular gastronomy to develop artificial caviar from natural ingredients with all kinds of flavors. We thought it would be fun to create caviar made from beer to give soccer fans a taste of Russia,” Danish chef Umut Sakarya, who developed the beer-caviar together with Carlsberg’s brewers said in a prepared statement.

So, why beer caviar? Carlsberg is the official sponsor of the Danish national team, and is a beer that the brewery says “most Danes view as part of their national cultural heritage.” Caviar, on the other hand has been considered a traditional delicacy in Russia, the host of this year’s World Cup, since the 16th century. Beer caviar combines both cultures into one single dish as a tribute of sorts to both countries.

Carlsberg is giving fans a chance to try the limited-edition beer caviar at select events surrounding Danish World Cup matches. Denmark’s next World Cup game is Sunday where it will take on Croatia.