Inside the Jail Where Former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort Is Being Held

June 17, 2018, 6:51 PM UTC

Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, has become notorious for his extravagant spending, and for the alleged wide-ranging corrupt practices that helped fund it. But after being found in violation of his parole on Friday, Manafort will have to get used to the much humbler lifestyle of an inmate.

As detailed in an in-depth new report by CNN, Manafort’s tie, belt, and wallet were immediately confiscated after a judge rescinded his parole Friday. Manafort, 69, was then transported to Northern Neck Regional Jail in Warsaw, Va., a county jail which also sometimes houses federal inmates like Manafort. The jail has been described online by apparent insiders as a “hell hole” where “inmates are treated worse than livestock.”

Those harsh comments are only partly reflected in the jail’s public record. CNN found the facility, though currently holding more than 500 people, isn’t considered overcrowded. The jail has, though, faced accusations of medical mistreatment and failing to prevent an assault on an inmate, and four inmates have died there since 2011, according to the Washington Post.

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The place isn’t without its upsides, though. According to a view on Google Earth, Northern Neck is surrounded by thick forest, and Manafort’s housing in a “VIP” unit might make his stay a bit more pleasant. Both NFL star Michael Vick and musician Chris Brown have reportedly been incarcerated in that section of the facility during their stints in jail. And according to reports, Manafort will be able to receive mail, make outgoing phone calls, and see visitors – though only for one hour a week.

At Northern Neck, Manafort will await trial for charges including acting as an unregistered foreign agent for Ukrainian strongman Viktor Yanukovych. He’ll likely also have to defend himself against charges of tampering with witnesses, the allegations which got his parole revoked after eight months of house arrest in his gleaming glass-and-steel luxury condo in Virginia.

Manafort has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges against him. But if he is ultimately convicted or pleads guilty, Manafort’s living situation might improve a little – but not much. It’s also unclear what will happen to Manafort’s fortune. He has claimed a net worth of $28 million in court filings, according to Bloomberg, but reports indicate he has large outstanding debts around the world.

The low-security prisons that house white-collar federal criminals don’t quite live up to their reputation as easygoing “Club Fed” resorts. One reporter who was a frequent visitor to such facilities describes them as “stark and depressing” places that subject inmates to rigid schedules.

And if things go really poorly, Trump’s former campaign chief could spend the rest of his life in that kind of place: the initial charges against Manafort carry potential sentences totaling as much as 305 years in jail time.

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