Dennis Rodman May Join President Trump and Kim Jong Un in Singapore for Historic Summit

June 7, 2018, 4:18 PM UTC

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is weighing up a trip to Singapore next week to join his friend Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump for a diplomatic summit.

On Wednesday, Rodman’s agent, Chris Volo, told CNN that his client is “considering going to Singapore” for the June 12 meeting and also told the Washington Post that Rodman “would love to go, but we have a few logistical things” to figure out.

The former Chicago Bulls player developed a friendship with Kim in recent years dating back to 2013, when he first visited North Korea. He has returned several times since, even being videotaped singing “Happy Birthday” to the supreme leader. Meanwhile, Rodman has a relationship with Trump as well, having twice appeared on Trump’s television show, Celebrity Apprentice.

Volo said his client’s rapport with both world leaders puts him in a good position to attend the meeting. “I strongly believe they would be very happy if Dennis was there for moral support,” he said.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders announced this week that the summit will take place at the Capella Hotel on Singapore’s Sentosa Island. It will be the first-ever meeting between an incumbent U.S. president and North Korea’s leader.