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Dennis Rodman Gave Kim Jong Un a Copy of Trump’s ‘The Art of the Deal’

While Dennis Rodman has said he did not visit Kim Jong Un on behalf of the White House, he still made a presidential connection while there.

Rodman gifted Kim with a copy of President Donald Trump’s book The Art of the Deal, the Associated Press reported.

According to AP, the book was not signed and was presented to North Korean Sports Minister Kim Il Guk on Thursday.

The former basketball player has visited North Korea four times before and said this latest visit is about bringing sports to the country. Rodman was a contestant on Trump’s reality TV show Celebrity Apprentice for two seasons. He also supported Trump when he was a candidate during the campaign season. On Twitter, Rodman wrote, “I’m back! Thanks to my sponsor #NorthKorea #PeaceAndLove” PotCoin is a digital currency company for the legal marijuana industry.

Rodman arrived just hours after North Korean released American student Otto Warmbier.