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Stormy Daniels Introduces Sensual Perfume With a Topical Twist

Stormy Daniels has released a new pheromone-infused fragrance that is seemingly inspired by her ongoing legal battle and alleged relationship with President Donald Trump.

The adult-film star and director announced in a tweet on Wednesday that she has partnered with It’s The Bomb, a brand that is best known for its sexual scents and soaps, to produce a limited-edition, gender-neutral perfume called “Truth.” Its name and tagline, “Embrace Your Truth,” have spurred speculation that the fragrance may be a subtle dig at Trump about their public legal disputes.

“It’s finally here!” Daniels said on an Instagram post.

In a commercial on social media announcing the launch, a tux-clad Daniels saunters around a mansion as famous truth-related quotes appear on screen, including lines from President James Madison and author J.K. Rowling.

“Truth can be thought of as just a temporary belief of knowing something in a moment of time until it advances and then changes,” the ad says.

Neither The Bomb nor Daniels has confirmed the meaning of the product’s name or the marketing behind it.

Last year, Daniels filed a lawsuit against Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, over the legality of a non-disclosure agreement in which she was reportedly paid $130,000 to stay silent about an alleged affair she had with Trump in 2006. In April, she filed a defamation suit against Trump personally seeking unspecified damages.

The launch of Truth coincidentally falls on the same day that Daniels filed a separate lawsuit against her former lawyer, Keith Davidson, claiming he colluded with Cohen to shoot down allegations of an affair with Trump more than a decade ago.

How much Truth will cost or when it goes on sale wasn’t disclosed.