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Johnsonville Factory Worker Accused of Tampering With Sausage Links

A worker at Johnsonville’s sausage factory has been arrested for allegedly putting foreign objects into the sausage during his shift.

The employee, Johnathan Lane, reportedly inserted a piece of cigarette paper into a link of sausage on March 25 and then, a few days later, put a wire connector into another sausage link, Fox News reports.

Neither contaminated sausage was sent out to the public. In both situations, Lane allegedly claimed to have found the objects and reported them to his superiors. Video surveillance cameras later showed Lane placing the items in the sausage.

Johnsonville temporarily closed the processing plant to ensure no contaminated meat was shipped to consumers and has confirmed that it was able to prevent any of the meat from being shipped out.

Lane was charged with two counts of tampering with a consumer product. Each charge could earn him 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.