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Laura Ingraham Blasts the Left’s ‘Plot to Silence Conservatives’ in Return to Fox News Show

Laura Ingraham is back—and she’s done letting the left “silence” her.

On Monday night, the Fox News host returned to her show following a purportedly planned week-long vacation. She took the break soon after advertisers distanced themselves from The Ingraham Angle due to an Ingraham tweet that ridiculed Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg. On air, Ingraham didn’t mention the scandal specifically but took several opportunities to blast “the left’s plot to silence conservatives” in the aftermath of the advertising boycott conceived by Hogg.

In a segment that focused on free speech, Ingraham told viewers that “something alarming is taking place.” The “intolerant left” has driven out “any dissenting voice,” leading to a “contraction of free speech,” Ingraham argued. She called the phenomenon the “totalitarian agenda in action,” noting that the “free speech clause of the Constitution doesn’t just apply to speech that elites deem acceptable.”

“It exists to support speech that is by its nature offensive. Offensive to people in power, offensive at times to lawmakers, offensive to Facebook, and even offensive to the cool crowd that thinks that abortion is just a sacred right and that Trump is a dangerous dictator,” Ingraham continued.

Claiming that we are “reaching a crisis point,” Ingraham promised to expose the “perpetrators, tactics, major players, and funders,” whose “Stalinist” efforts seek to create a “total transformation of American society through personal demonization and silencing.”

But, Ingraham argued, there are “probably more of us than there are of them,” telling her viewers that “we will never relent and we will never give in. Never.”

While Fox News has defended Ingraham and denounced the boycott, Monday’s show was visibly shorter in commercial breaks than usual, a possible reflection of the continued effects of a loss in advertisers.