The Best Companies to Work for in Health Care and Biopharma

April 10, 2018, 11:00 AM UTC
Best-Workplaces-Healthcare-2018-Southern-Ohio-Medical- Center
Courtesy of Southern Ohio Medical Center

The health care and biopharmaceutical industries are ever-changing. To keep employees happy, companies in this field must adapt, be flexible, and stay true to their values. Great benefits and perks also don’t hurt. To compile this list, Fortune partner Great Place to Work interviewed thousands of staffers about their jobs. Below, the top companies in both industries that get the highest marks for work/life balance, and whose employees actually love coming to work.

Read more about how companies create cultures that land them on this list.

Top Heath Care Companies to Work For

1. Texas Health Resources

Courtesy of Texas Health Resources

Headquarters: Arlington, Texas

Number of U.S. employees: 21,686

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“I appreciate that everyone at the table is encouraged to speak up and offer a perspective. I like that our leaders subscribe to a ‘best idea wins’ mentality rather than relying only on leaders for input and guidance.”

“The teamwork on my unit and a few others that I have experience with are unmatched. I have worked here for a year and still love coming to work because I feel supported and love my coworkers. You can’t find that everywhere. I’m also a student and I have felt welcomed with many encouraging my education through words of affirmation and learning opportunities in the clinical setting. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.”

2. Encompass Home Health And Hospice

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Number of U.S. employees: 8,453

Company type: Private

Employees say:

“What makes this a great place to work for me is feeling like management actually cares about me as a person. I have been made to feel like part of a team. Everyone does their share and helps each other when necessary.”

“I am very new here, just over 2 months. From day one there has been an abundance of help, from the people in the office that I work with daily to preceptors who have been sent in to help the new hires. I can honestly say no other company I have ever worked for has gone the extra mile like Encompass has. I look forward to a very long and rewarding career here.”

3. Southern Ohio Medical Center

Best-Workplaces-Healthcare-2018-Southern-Ohio-Medical- Center
Courtesy of Southern Ohio Medical Center

Headquarters: Portsmouth, Ohio

Number of U.S. employees: 2,586

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“I have always been encouraged to take steps to improve myself and to grow within the organization. I have been offered assistance to obtain a higher level of education and support in doing so.”

“SOMC is a great place to work, mainly because of the attitudes of everyone here. If you pass someone in the hallway, they will smile or say hi. Everyone is usually willing to help a customer find their way, or help in any way possible. I feel like most everyone who works here strives to provide excellent care. When you care about your patients and feel like you have provided them excellent service, it gives purpose to your work and really helps you have a great attitude about having to come to work here every day. I personally feel that way myself, and you can look around at other employees and its obvious many others here feel the same way that I do.”

4. Caring Nurses

Headquarters: Las Vegas, Nevada

Number of U.S. employees: 103

Company type: Private

Employees say:

“Caring goes beyond a name. I have seen management pay to assist patients with medications, to clean their homes, and buy food for them. We started a food pantry so any of our field staff is welcome to come take food to our patients.”

“I’ve worked for multiple home health agencies but Caring Nurses is my favorite. I love that we have the stock program and get statements every year on how well the company is doing. It makes you feel like you are on the winning team. I’ve seen the owners do a lot of pro-bono stuff for patients who don’t have money for meds or food and it’s heartwarming to work for people who care about more than just profit.”

5. Scripps Health

Headquarters: San Diego, California

Number of U.S. employees: 14,496

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“Our CEO is approachable and listens to questions from all employees. We are kept informed regarding changes in our industry. The management approach is proactive rather than reactive to any changes that the organization needs to make.”

“Scripps does a wonderful job of selecting talent that mirrors the organization’s mission. This makes it easier to work with your fellow colleagues because they go beyond their job description to ensure the best result for the patient, program, or overall outcome for the organization. There is a sense of pride the employees have that stems from the synergy from one another which makes you automatically feel a part of the Scripps family. Chris Van Gorder is an excellent leader as he is very inclusive and egalitarian in his leadership which makes everyone feel special regardless of their role. You automatically sense that he would roll up his sleeves and get dirty just to get the job done. He also believes in leadership rounding which is something I wish more of the C-level executives would emulate as that further makes employees feel valued.”

6. Jackson Healthcare

Headquarters: Alpharetta, Georgia

Number of U.S. employees: 1,208

Company type: Private

Employees say:

“The difference is night and day from other places I’ve worked. From the minute you walk in the door here, you can feel the positive energy. The benefits and support Jackson Healthcare provides have enabled me to discover and nurture my true talents.”

“The atmosphere and culture of the company is the most unique of any company I’ve ever experienced. It is a very family-oriented company that encourages everyone to improve the lives of everyone they touch, both in and outside of the company. Giving back is a huge part of the company culture and is one of the main things that drew me to the company in the first place. Not only do I feel like the company really cares about each employee, but they also do a great job of showing their appreciation by providing great amenities.”

7. Baptist Health South Florida

Courtesy of Baptist Health South Florida

Headquarters: Coral Gables, Florida

Number of U.S. employees: 16,210

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“The organization is very transparent from the CEO down. They make their expectations clear and will provide support and guidance for you to succeed. There is always an opportunity to grow and advance if you are willing to take the challenge.”

“Leaders take the time to listen to employees’ concerns and respond appropriately with actions. There is a great focus on creating a workforce that is engaged and is able to contribute to its community. At the end of the day, our leaders care that we are able to do a good job and provide great care to our patients. Healthcare is not an easy industry to be in these days, but we have done remarkably well in weathering the storm by staying ahead of the game and strategizing to remain financially stable, while staying focused on our core values.”

8. Atlantic Health System

Headquarters: Morristown, New Jersey

Number of U.S. employees: 12,183

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“You are appreciated, educated, and rewarded in many ways. As such, employees are loyal and committed. The values of the company maintain a leading organization in medicine with the highest quality and standard of healthcare in our communities.”

“I have worked here for 31 years, and plan to stay here through retirement. I have had incredible opportunities to learn, grow, and develop personally and professionally. I truly feel that I make a difference in my work, relationships, and opportunities to mentor my staff each and every day. In a hospital setting, any given day can be the worst day of someone’s life who may be dealing with an unexpected diagnosis, a critical loved one, or an end-of-life situation. Although we may not be able to change the outcome, each of us have the opportunity to make that experience easier and that memory better for a family through our caring and support.”

9. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee

Number of U.S. employees: 4,355

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“St. Jude does an excellent job making sure everyone knows how important their job is to the institution. Working in the executive branch is not ‘better’ than working as a cashier. Everyone contributes to the mission.”

“They listen to employee suggestions and implement as many as are feasible (bike share, umbrella sharing, mobile app, butterfly/hummingbird garden, to mention a few of the employee suggestions that have been implemented). The top executive has monthly Town Hall meetings to which all employees are invited. Employees can vote on topics to be discussed at the Town Hall ahead of time online. HR examines our benefit package periodically and makes it competitive and attractive to potential employees. We have a nice fitness center on campus and they emphasize work/life balance for all employees.”

10. BayCare Health System

Courtesy of Baycare Health System

Headquarters: Clearwater, Florida

Number of U.S. employees: 23,459

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“There is a lot of longevity here at BayCare which means and says a lot. The fact that you can learn and move to different positions is great and you are encouraged to better yourself. BayCare also helps out the communities in which we are located.”

“The opportunities for advancement are amazing. I have worked as a tech and Baycare is helping me pay for nursing school. On top of that, fellow employees and doctors love to teach and help me get better for when I am a nurse. On top of that, the culture that we develop of trying to work like a family sometimes comes across really well. I love telling people where I work.”

11. Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee

Number of U.S. employees: 11,402

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“Le Bonheur truly has strong culture which offers mutual support, promotes trust, rewards associates’ efforts, and ensures that we know their work is meaningful. Le Bonheur’s executive team continually asks how I’d like to see my career unfold.”

“MLH cares for the well being of all of its patients and employees. Their first priority is every patient that walks through its doors. It provides top-quality healthcare and a clean environment for each patient. It also provides healthcare for the ones in our community who would not seek out medical attention due to financial and/or transportation issues. This type of behavior is also shown to its employees. It provides a great amount of opportunities for employees to receive help for education (employee and family members), financial issues, healthier lifestyles, and emotional stress that an employee might be under due to home life or work, plus much more. I left another healthcare facility to join Methodist LeBonhuer Hospitals and do not regret a single moment.”

12. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Courtesy of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

Number of U.S. employees: 9,090

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“Our culture recognizes the significant importance of our patients to their families and this frequently drives the decisions we make in caring for them. We grant families a huge amount of decision making power into the care of their child. I have seen this company go beyond the basics by providing therapy dogs not only for patients, but also for staff which can truly help make a day brighter and happier. They provide resiliency retreats and pay you while there for you to be able to take time for yourself since our work environment can be very stressful. They are very aware of the stresses on nurses and don’t understaff units or ask nurses to take assignments that are not safe.”

13. Northwell Health

Headquarters: New Hyde Park, New York

Number of U.S. employees: 52,007

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“Everybody is always willing to go an extra mile which I find admirable and encouraging. I’ve seen nothing but camaraderie from every one as a unit and team. The managers are always willing to assist with anything that is needed to accomplish goals.”

“Northwell truly invests in its employees, and they offer employees many opportunities to grow, whether it is through the classes they offer at their Corporate University, or through the tuition reimbursement they offer for employees to continue their education and receive a degree. They also provide their employees with many different and unique healthcare resources to improve their wellness by partnering with various outside organizations. For example, at the Northwell Health Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine, employees have access to different offerings, including yoga, Pilates, acupuncture, and meditation. Northwell invests in its employees mentally, physically, and academically, and that is what makes this organization a great place to work.”

14. Signature HealthCARE

Headquarters: Louisville, Kentucky

Number of U.S. employees: 18,000

Company type: Private

Employees say:

“They are always celebrating the achievements and milestones of stakeholders and the contributions they provide as well as their backgrounds and the experiences that have impacted them.”

“The vision from the CEO/President to have a ‘servant leader’ mentality is what makes this organization so different from the rest. All stakeholders are treated with respect and supported in a way to learn and grow, not in a punitive or degrading way. The pillars of our organization allow us to stay focused on what matters, which is the elders that we serve, the stakeholders that we employ, and the family members and communities in which we reside. I am empowered to make a difference every day and to always do what is right!”

15. Kettering Health Network

Headquarters: Miamisburg, Ohio

Number of U.S. employees: 10,464

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“We are committed to providing better access to quality healthcare in our community. There is a lot of growth in this organization and there will be many potential opportunities for career advancement within this organization as I grow in my care.”

“Management makes every effort to keep employees informed of changes, accomplishments, and areas that need improvement. They are quick to celebrate when it’s warranted and very generous in those celebrations. The President has an open door policy and truly cares about the employees. He strives to improve the work environment and to help us grow as an organization.”

16. Kaiser Permanente

Headquarters: Oakland, California

Number of U.S. employees: 190,125

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“The collaboration and team mentality is strong, and I truly feel like my career matters to my managers and colleagues. Everyone makes an effort to boost each other up. The company provides opportunities to enhance your career and do your job efficiently.”

“Kaiser Permanente is really committed to ensuring that its employees thrive, and it puts a lot of resources into providing opportunities for this to happen both at work and for employees at home. Additionally, Kaiser maintains a strong commitment to the surrounding communities—we have so many innovative programs and community benefit projects that are ensuring that our communities are healthy and thriving, too. There aren’t many organizations that will allow you to volunteer during paid work hours. That’s really something special and something that makes me proud to work for Kaiser.”

17. Licking Memorial Health Systems

Headquarters: Newark, Ohio

Number of U.S. employees: 1,989

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“I love working for an organization whose mission is to improve the health of the community. I like knowing that what I do impacts my friends and neighbors, but what makes it a great place to work is the way it shows its appreciation to its employees.”

“There is a feeling of team work and personal responsibility which I admire. I see it at all levels, including in the administration. Another great feature is the fact that for a smaller community hospital, we are proactive in staying up-to-date with new technology, and in observing current guidelines for practicing medicine.”

18. OhioHealth

Courtesy of Ohio Health

Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio

Number of U.S. employees: 22,920

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“OhioHealth values the dignity and worth of each person, both the associates and patients, and this is demonstrated by decisions and actions made from leadership, to middle management to front-line staff.”

“The culture at OhioHealth is one of strength, support, compassion, and excellence. The team works together to care for our associates and serve our community well. The leadership team here understands the work, the challenges, the dynamics, and the vision. It is a journey that we are well along and well positioned to succeed in.”

19. Benco Dental

Headquarters: Pittston, Pennsylvania

Number of U.S. employees: 1,500

Company type: Private partnership

Employees say:

“Direct access to top-level management for questions or concerns about anything at any given time. Instead of jumping through hoops to get a question answered, management is always there to help with anything.”

“This company provides resources to improve your health by offering programs to promote a healthy lifestyle. They provide various opportunities to develop yourself personally and professionally through offering various learning and development programs. They are extremely active in the surrounding community. They have emergency funds for employees in need, just to name a few. In addition, I’m provided adequate guidance and the owners make a concerted effort to ensure employees know where the company stands and where it’s going. They take the time to answer questions from the employees and show appreciation for the employees.”

20. Nicklaus Childrens Health System

Headquarters: Miami, Florida

Number of U.S. employees: 4,081

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“Not only do we care for children, but the leadership team cares about its employees. We are not just a number or just another employee—we are a family of healthcare takers that provide compassionate, quality care to our patients and families.”

“The employees show true appreciation towards other employees, are affectionate and caring towards the patients, and show willingness to help others in any way they can. Our company shows a genuine interest in professional and intraprofessional development and provide time off from work to be able to do so, as well provide provide opportunities for employees to train other employees. When first hired, we are provided a buddy to assist in the training process and attend two days of orientation, which gives employees time to transition and ease into the workload.”

21. WESTMED Medical Group

Courtesy of WestMed

Headquarters: Purchase, New York

Number of U.S. employees: 1,246

Company type: Private

Employees say:

“Leadership creates a great culture where people want to come to work everyday to take care of the patients. The executives know you by name and take a vested interest in your career development and even my family members.”

“From the first day that I began working here at Westmed, every person I have come in contact with (physicians, clinical, front desk, and other departments) have always been helpful, kind, and caring. It’s a wonderful experience to be able to work where so many people of different backgrounds get along so well.”

22. Constellation Health Services

Headquarters: Norwalk, Connecticut

Number of U.S. employees: 454

Company type: Private

Employees say:

“Through its training and development opportunities, employee appreciation programs, and strong culture of inclusion, Constellation proves that it is dedicated to ensuring a fulfilling and balanced work experience.”

“The company is run by human beings and for me that is really important in the industry we are in. There’s always an open line of communication. You can always go straight and talk to the management. There’s no walls or labyrinth to go through if there’s something you need answers for, be it clinical or just regular day-to =-day admin work.”

23. Ardor Health Solutions

Headquarters: Coral Springs, Florida

Number of U.S. employees: 80

Company type: Private

Employees say:

“The sincerity and genuine enthusiasm that the owners and staff have created in the workplace, whether you are a new employee or you have been here for years, you are made to feel welcomed and important. It is sincere.”

“For me, since day one, I have felt special to be here and like my talents are appreciated and utilized. I am being very fairly compensated and I feel like there is room for growth. I have a lot of freedom to self-start here, too, and with that chance, you see that management respects you. I am learning more about myself and the responsibility I have to do my part to assist the growth of the program here.”

24. Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services

Headquarters: Eatontown, New Jersey

Number of U.S. employees: 175

Company type: Private

Employees say:

“Our company does a tremendous job participating, supporting, and giving back to the community that we serve. This has influenced my team, and we think and act differently based on the company’s culture.”

“The vision of why we started embodies itself in each of our branches. We know why and believe in what we do. There are many great professions, but ours is truly inspiring and humbling. In the home care environment, we bring families back together and support them the best way we can. We have cried with families and even, in a sense, have become part of those families.”

25. Mayo Clinic

Courtesy of Mayo Clinic

Headquarters: Rochester, Minnesota

Number of U.S. employees: 65,400

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“Mayo Clinic is the top-rated hospital in the country and values excellent patient care. The organization is proud of its employees, history, and service to the community. No matter the role you work in here, the patient always comes first.”

“The people are what makes Mayo special. The desire and decision to want to do good for the patient, provide good service for a quality experience and be the best at whatever position one may have is the driving force behind Mayo Clinic.”

26. American Heart Association

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Number of U.S. employees: 3,501

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“What I enjoy most about this organization is we have an opportunity to learn something new every day. We do so many incredible things here and no matter how long you have worked here, you always have an opportunity to learn.”

“The work we do everyday makes a difference in people’s lives. It is incredibly encouraging and rewarding to know that my ideas and my team’s wins help save lives across the globe. I feel honored to come to work everyday, representing the American Heart Association, while actively living our mission in my personal life.”

27. Baylor Scott & White Health

Headquarters: Dalla , Texas

Number of U.S. employees: 37,977

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“The physician-driven executive team makes it feel a lot less like a business. I truly feel we are allowed to practice medicine here without feeling like we are chasing numbers.”

“This has been one of the most friendly places I have encountered. After working here for only a few months, you almost feel as if you know everyone when you walk down the hall. It includes the maintenance staff, nurses, volunteers, staff physicians. Just everyone is friendly and makes you feel like you are part of some great, big family.”


Headquarters: Redmond, Washington

Number of U.S. employees: 140

Company type: Private

Employees say:

“Anything is possible here. It’s one of our core values and I truly believe it. Every day we are given the opportunity to do great things and impact people’s lives in meaningful ways. We are innovative the standards of our industry.”

“This is a special workplace because of the mission that fuels it and the personalities that are attracted to it. You get to work with team members that genuinely believe in the idea of a healthy, enriching workplace and are dedicated to anything they can do to help realize its mission. Leadership is considerate and truly desires to do anything it can to listen and improve the culture. They are always trying new ways to listen to their people and bring them closer together.”

29. Martin’s Point Health Care

Headquarters: Portland, Maine

Number of U.S. employees: 839

Company type: Non-Profit

Employees say:

“Working for an organization that provides quality services and strives to make its employees feel valued is nothing less than a dream job! MPHC in all aspects is well respected by the community and employees.”

“I cherish my coworkers. I work with wonderful people everyday and am blessed to have such hard working individuals that work together so well in our team. I appreciate all the work management is doing in regards to listening to its employees and making improvements. It’s rare to see an organization encourage its employees to get involved and give feedback. It keeps us informed with what’s going on with the organization and where we want to be in 5 years and align our work with those goals. I really enjoy working here and plan on retiring at Martin’s Point. I’ve really lucked out. If it continues to do what it is doing and offers professional growth within the company over time. It has an employee for life.”

30. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Headquarters: New York, New York

Number of U.S. employees: 20,913

Company type: Private Non-Profit

Employees say:

“The heartfelt and amazing letters from patients truly puts what’s most important into perspective: patients first. It has been so rewarding to support this organization and its front-line staff in doing what they do better than any other hospital.”

“Our big community at the hospital is so greatly diverse. With many strong moral values and assets that we all share, practice, and honor, we are happy to foster tolerance, compassion, honesty, integrity, appreciation, fair competition, competitive salaries, great benefits, professional opportunities for growth, a safe environment to work, good communication, and support! Recognizing that everyone’s contribution is meaningful and valuable, our outstanding hospital staff and administrators make NYPH one of the best.”

Top Biopharma Companies to Work For

1. Horizon Pharma

Headquarters: Lake Forest, Illinois

Number of U.S. employees: 837

Company type: Public

Employees say:

“We are not afraid to try new things and people work hard without being micromanaged. It really does promote a sense of happiness working for the company knowing that we are helping patients while also treating each other with respect.”

“The culture here is fantastic. Everyone is caring, and genuinely cares about how you are doing in your professional life, as well as your personal life. Help has been offered to me from every person I have met, and it’s hard to meet a person who doesn’t have a smile on their face.”

2. Genentech

Headquarters: South San Francisco, California

Number of U.S. employees: 15,064

Company type: Private

Employees say:

“This is a biotech company that always keeps the patients in mind, no matter what your role is. It makes you proud to come to work every day to know that what we are doing now is what patients need next.”

“People can be unique. This is not a cookie cutter organization. I love working with such a true variety of people with very different views, backgrounds, and ideas. I can be myself and not be concerned about presenting dissenting ideas. Different points of view are considered important. When working at a previous pharmaceutical company, I felt the opposite. Sit, eat, drink, be the same as everyone else and go along with the leaders ideas or it would be frowned upon. Opposite at Genentech—be yourself and please contribute.”

3. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Courtesy of Regeneron Pharmaceauticals

Headquarters: Tarrytown, New York

Number of U.S. employees: 5,657

Company type: Public

Employees say:

“There is a strong culture of caring and inclusion across the organization. Employees are made to feel they are a part of something big and are valued regardless of their role and specific contributions to the company.”

“The sense of community in my team is something I haven’t really found anywhere else in the other groups I’ve worked with at other companies/organizations. My coworkers and I frequently spend time together outside of work watching movies, going on hikes, playing sports, etc. My managers/coworkers legitimately care about my development as a person/employee and about my life outside of work.”

4. AbbVie

Courtesy of AbbVie

Headquarters: North Chicago, Illinois

Number of U.S. employees: 13,222

Company type: Public

Employees say:

“We are truly making a difference in people’s lives. We are working as a team to deliver new medicines.That is what inspires us not just to come to work but to bring our best. Our patients are depending on us.”

“The level of teamwork and shared commitment to goals are outstanding. I am surrounded by colleagues who will do whatever is needed to get the job done. I have witnessed very, very few examples of people putting their own aspirations or agenda before those of the organization.”

5. Illumina

Headquarters: San Diego, California

Number of U.S. employees: 3,894

Company type: Public

Employees say:

“Working for Illumina is extremely fulfilling compared to other jobs. Fueling research and platforms for cancer, agriculture, and rare disease research provides a purpose which is not normally found in other working environments.”

“People at Illumina collaborate more often and more effectively than anywhere else I’ve worked. Most people are willing to put in the extra effort to help each other because we know what we’re working on really makes a positive difference to the world, and not just to the stock price.”

6. 4G Clinical

Headquarters: Wellesley, Massachusetts

Number of U.S. employees: 36

Company type: Private

Employees say:

“There is an entrepreneurial spirit to all we do and in everyone who works here at 4G. We are all focused on the task at hand, our company mantra: bringing crucial medicines to those who need them, faster.”

“This company and its management go through great lengths to make sure everyone is fulfilled in their position. The camaraderie amongst the staff is incredible. Everyone tries to pitch in when someone needs help.”

7. Novo Nordisk

Headquarters: Plainsboro, New Jersey

Number of U.S. employees: 4,658

Company type: Public

Employees say:

“Everyone is genuinely happy to come to work and be a part of Novo Nordisk’s mission. I’ve never worked anywhere else like this and it is really motivating to work for such a company.”

“Our company embraces the idea of improving lives for people with diabetes and hemophilia. We are working hard to be green and responsible caretakers of our earth’s resources. Our people truly try to live The Novo Nordisk Way. I believe we are ethical, and passionate about the people who are our customers—all of them, from healthcare professionals to people who live with the diseases our products help treat.”

8. Roche Diagnostics

Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana

Number of U.S. employees: 4,412

Company type: Private

Employees say:

“Many companies talk about diversity, ethics, compliance, work/life balance. Roche seems to actually believe it and has policies which ‘walk the walk.’ ”

“The welcoming attitude of the employees, management, and the campus itself lends to an environment that accepts freedom of new ideas, and personal and professional growth. I also appreciate the all-encompassing benefits package, the encouragement to balance work and life, and the recognition received from management when the team has performed well.”

9. Eloquest Healthcare

Headquarters: Ferndale, Michigan

Number of U.S. employees: 39

Company type: Private

Employees say:

“I believe we have a very open, entrepreneurial company where people feel a true ownership of what they do for the organization. Management looks at everyone as individuals and values different perspectives.”

“Eloquest has invested in its people first and foremost. Management takes time to find the right fit not just for the position but also for our team. It makes a huge difference in your day-to-day work life when you enjoy the people you work with and you feel comfortable asking questions and being challenged. Every single person in this company is supportive and always willing to lend a hand when needed. The management team goes above and beyond to help you succeed. When a bump in the road happens, you’re not criticized for it. You’re asked how they can help you move past it. Overall, the people at Eloquest are top notch!”

10. Merck & Co.

Headquarters: Kenilworth, New Jersey

Number of U.S. employees: 23,058

Company type: Public

Employees say:

Merck has a true leader in Ken Frazier! He is one of, if not the, best CEO in the industry. He is inspirational, candid, transparent, and follows his gut when making decisions. Very proud to work for that kind of leader.”

“I believe that Merck’s mission to deliver life-saving and improving medicines to the world attracts the best people and inspires us to do great work, and this makes it much more than just a job.”

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